Week 10: Make-It-Yourself Week

This week I’ve challenged myself to cook and prepare most of my meals this week. No takeout and no packaged products. I will endeavor to use mostly whole, minimally processed foods to make my meals.

After our class discussion, regarding the coding of food, I think its important to acknowledge there is nothing inherently wrong about buying and consuming processed foods, nor is there anything inherently wrong about getting takeout or grabbing lunch at Wawa. Neverless, I want to become more familiar and involved with my food. I think this week will make me more aware of the work behind the food I eat, i.e., buying Poptarts is very different than making them. Additionally, you become more aware of the waste that is involved – the onion skins, the paper towel to wipe away a spill, etc.

Again, after the class discussion, I’m going completely dairy free. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the image of caged, rotating, Holstein cows out of my head for quite awhile.




My first meal of make-it-yourself-week is a quick stir-fry: tofu, broccoli, mixed-peppers, portabella mushrooms, and eggs, seasoned with Sriracha and various spices. My main ingredients were more processed than I initially figured  – the broccoli and peppers were frozen and bagged (trader joes) and the tofu I had in the fridge was pre-cooked and seasoned with teriyaki sauce (also trader joes).

IMG_1858IMG_1859Overall not the worst thing I’ve made, but I’ve gotten to used to takeout seasoning/flavor so this fell a little flat.


Waste: paper plate, tofu packaging ,broccoli packaging, and paper towel. 

Time: 20 minutes


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