Recap 2.0 – Puerto Vallarta


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Various meals include: sundaes; island salad (including cucumber, pineapple, jicama, and carrots; cauliflower ceviche;  pico de galls; house-made chips; and some authentic Mexican beer.

IMG_2183The best loaded nachos of known history.


Tajin, pictured above, was probably one of my favorite discoveries of the trip. Its a brand of spice from Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, made of chile peppers, lime, and salt. We usually had it sprinkled over cut veggies like jicama, cucumber, and carrots.


Finally we took a trip to the local super market, which is another of my favorite things to do in a new area. The exchange rate was roughly 16-17 pesos per dollar. Therefore the herbs below are far less than $1 a bunch.


From our culture tour we found that Mexico did not use lemons, as U.S. people are familiar with. They instead have a small version of a lime, which they call a “limon.” It tends to be a little more sweet, and less acidic than the limes available here. They reminded me of the types of limes available in India.


I thought I was interesting that the eggs were kept in a non-refrigerated area, though I know this is typical in many other countries.


And the last and best part of the supermarket tour was the bakery section. There were sooooo many options to choose from. I ended up getting (what I think was a ) Abanicos and Mordidas (pictured above). Both were rather sweet, but delicious.


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